POLOMO New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.

       POLOMO New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “POLOMO ”),which is an innovative polymer chemical material enterprises of gathering R&D, manufacture and sales electronic industrial adhesives, sealant and functional coated. The company was established in 2002, which was located in Pearl River Delta of China's economic hinterland--- Daojiao, Dongguan City.
        POLOMO concentrates on optoelectronics display device adhesive and providing material innovative technology solutions.Especially in the field of UV light curing technology, POLOMO is the leading enterprise in domestic same industry.POLOMO takes enterprise mission of “promote human progress with continuous innovation of chemical technology” to concentrate on photoelectric display field, also extend to semiconductor, microelectronics components, smart industrial, car, intelligent household, construction field.The core technology adhesive products are used for LCD, Touch Panel, AMOLED, QDEF, 3D display, E-paper, flexible display device and other new display technology application and solutions.
       After many years of technology accumulation and precipitation,we have outspreaded deep cooperation with many photoelectric display industry on behalf of clients,and get a positive affirmation of customers.Whereby,we believe that POLOMO will be a successful partner of the leaders in the display market at present and in the future.

  • ENTERPRISE Vision企业愿景
  • Enterprise Mission企业使命
  • Operation Philosophy经营理念
  • Management Rules管理准则
  • Enterprise vision

    Become the most advanced and largest electronics adhesive manufacturer.

  • Enterprise Mission

    Continue to promote human progress with chemical technology.

  • Operation Philosophy

    Focus on precision electronics adhesive manufacturing fields, be driven by technology,provides a series of solution to target market and personalized product customization services, in order to achieve a large scale of enterprise operation.

  • Management Rules

    Safety Production,Customer Trust,People Oriented,Nothing Wasted,Solidify Cooperation,Performance Orientation.

  • 2018~ 2013
  • 2012~ 2007
  • 2018
  • 2017
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  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
    • In 1,2018

      IATF16949 certificate was obtained

    • In 10,2017

      The shenzhen office was officially operated

    • In 1,2016

      Successfully mass-produce QDEF sealant products

    • In 3,2016

      Successfully develop UV-curable QLED sealant

    • In 11,2016

      Be awarded with the "Best Annual Material Manufacturer" by Chinese touch display association

    • In 11,2016

      Successfully pass ISO9001 & ISO14001:2015 certification

    • In 11,2015

      Be awarded with the "Best Annual Material Manufacturer" and "High Popularity" of touch display by Chinese touch display association

    • In 12,2014

      Successfully mass-produce the new generation of slit-coating liquid optical clear adhesive

    • In 4,2014

      Gain Guangdong SME Innovation Fund award

    • In 6,2013

      OLED sealants project successfully passed review and acceptance by the technical expert team of Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province of the Ministry of Education

  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 2007
    • In 6,2012

      Successfully mass-produce LCD sealant

    • In 5,2011

      Successfully mass-produce LOCA (OCR) product

    • In 11,2010

      Be awarded as "national high-tech enterprise"

    • In 7,2010

      Cooperated with Sichuan University on the project of "ODF sealant",Gain "Key Project Fund of Guangdong Province" awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology

    • In 8,2009

      Be awarded as "Private High-tech Enterprise of Guangdong Province"

    • In 8,2008

      Cooperatedwith Chinese key research institutions in light-curing technology (Sichuan University, Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology, Chinese University of Science and Technology) in terms of technical industry-universality-research cooperation

    • In 11,2007

      Successfully pass ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification

    • In 8,2007

      Dao Jiao factory put into use

  • Enterprise honor
  • Enterprise qualification
  • Quality policy
  • Test equipment
  • ROHS detector
  • GC-MS Gas chromatography mass spectrometry
  • GC Meteorological chromatography
  • GPC Gel permeation chromatograph
  • FT-IR Infrared spectrometer
  • Electron microscope scanner
  • DSC Differential scanning calorimeter
  • TGA Thermal gravimetric analyzer
  • Water drop angle detector
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